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Hi, Ed!

You can build your own Localised dimension via expressions and put whatever language you want for the months.

Hi, Jaqueline!

Really interesting task. Do you have only 4 levels?

If so, you can introduce a method on a cube which would return a level of the unit.


classmethod UnitLevel(unitID as %Integer) as %String {

 s unit=##class(Police.Unit).%OpenId(unitID)

 if unit.UNI_PADRE="" return "Zone"

s padre=##class(Police.Unit).%OpenId(unit.UNI_PADRE)

if padre.UNI_PADRE="" return "Prefecrure"

/// continue here!


It's for 2 levels,  leave other two for you ;)

And use

Hi, Pavan!

Of course, InterSystems Data Platform supports numerous of types of integration, it has integrational engine inside. As for FHIR, please check InterSystems FHIR Experience sandbox - it allows you to play with technology on your personal cloud sandbox.

Hi, Georgiy!
You also can try isc-dev which provides the way to export/import classes, routines, and DeepSee components into the target folder.

Hi, Peter!

I would warn you of NOT including storage information in Git (or any other CVS).  It is the must to keep class storage definition within source control.

Consider you have a system in production where you have class A with properties P1 and P2 with data.

And you developed a new version of a product with the optimization when you don't need P1 anymore and delete it. And you added a new feature which needs to add property P3

Hi, Jaqueline!

You also can consider using isc-dev import/export tool.

Install it in USER and map into %ALL (to make it runnable from any namespace), set up the tool like this:

d ##class(sc.code).workdir("/your/project/src")

Enter your project namespace and  call:

Hi, Arto!

Sorry for the delay with the reaction on the question, just figured out what you are requesting for. I don't know the direct answer, but can recommend the article and pinging @Maxim Yerokhin to provide more details.

Hi, Peter!

But we have AngularJS tag. Do you think we need to distinguish Angular2 from AngularJS? What about Angular4?