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Hi, Scott!

It's obvious, but what about this?

^OSUWMCInstance = "TestClin"

^OSUMCLDAP("LDAPKey") = "/ensemble/"_^OSUWMCInstance_"/mgr/LDAPKeyStore/"

If you don’t use Studio, you can consider to try isc-dev tool, which is intended to simplify routine processes of import/export code, releases and patches.

Import it to e.g. USER and map to %All.

After that you’ll be able to import, export, release and patch in any namespace.

To work in a given namespace point the tool to a directory on the disk which contains repository in UDL or XML classes (preferablly UDL) with the following command:

Hi, Jaqueline!

Have you tried Build Restriction field of the cube?

Build Restriction is in the properties of the cube.

Put there SQL Expression which goes after WHERE clause. It will filter the facts which will be included to your cube. E.g. if you base your cube on Samples.Person you can set the Cube Build Restriction as:


to limit the facts of the cubes to only records with 'John' in Name property.


Hi, Murillo! You also can export all the classes, DFIs, globals or whatever of your project in one file with D $System.OBJ.Export(). E.g.: s


  D $System.OBJ.Export(list,"release16072018.xml")

Then just import it on a target system.

Hi, Shameer!

As @Nicole Aaron mentioned, there is no officially proposed folder structure for your  InterSystems project, but I can share one typical approach.

The upper folder is basically named "src" assuming source code inside.

Files inside "src" could be splitted by source type. E.g.:

"cls" -  for ObjectScript classes,

"inc" -  for include files,

"mac" - for mac routines,

"dfi" - for DeepSee dashboards and pivots.