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Here is the case, when you probably will need at least two web apps for DeepSee REST API.

Consider you want  some data to be accessed with authorisation and you provide this access with /webapp1 which is set up with authorisation by password.

And maybe you want some data to be accessible for everyone - you can do it with /webapp2  with option for UnknownUser.

Hi, Amir!

Have you looked at the recent article from Alexander Koblov related to collations? I hope it has some answers on this topic.

Hi, Rich!

Please have a look at this example, which shows US States polygons on DeepSee  Google map.

Cannot make an answer on my own question. 

Anyway, here are some answers from Russian forum:

DbVisualizer and Caché Monitor can export/import InterSystems Caché data partially via SQL queries.


You can make it with ParallelPeriod keyword.

F.e. let's take sales in Samples for the Holefoods cube.

To show YearToYear monthly growth in percent add in the pivot calculated measure "YTY growth" with expression:


And format: ##.##%

How to use it. 

In Catch block I usually execute Log method of Exception