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Hi, Randy!

It's a known issue. The problem is that DSW(DeepSeeWeb) contains some unicode symbols in UI and they come from CSP Gateway in ISO 1859-1 codepage, which is not Unicode obviously.

It happens because in your NLS scheme (I believe it is enuw) there is the default setting for non-CSP files that they should go in ISO 1859-1.

While it is not fixed in the release, it is fixable two ways:

Hi, Mike!

There is no option to delete your own posts now. 

But you can unpublish them.

Hi, Rustam!

A lot of Caché code parts (classes, mac and int routings, DFI's etc) are stored in the database itself, not in files. They should be exported some way to be presented in files.

I see you have already the way to export classes, so I believe you can repeat similar code logic to export mac and int code part into the files in the same or another OS folder.

It's not very clear. You want to use CubeB.TotalClients  in CubeC compound cube?

What this measure should show in CubeC?

Here is the case, when you probably will need at least two web apps for DeepSee REST API.

Consider you want  some data to be accessed with authorisation and you provide this access with /webapp1 which is set up with authorisation by password.

And maybe you want some data to be accessible for everyone - you can do it with /webapp2  with option for UnknownUser.

Hi, Amir!

Have you looked at the recent article from Alexander Koblov related to collations? I hope it has some answers on this topic.