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Hi Harkirat!

You have two questions here) Answering on the limits for a particular user.

Yes, you can limit the data user see via DeepSee interfaces.

Hi Yaniv!

I think if your class is mapped to globals the only way to have “last update” field is to store it in a global during update and map then into the appropriate field.

Another approach I see here is to parse transaction journals seeking particular “row” in a particular global to have a “Last update” moment.

Hi, Stefan!

In this situation, I would suggest using RELEASES approach for different InterSystems Data Platforms. E.g. you can generate XML release package from the code base in git and then replace all the specific places for a given version on a build release phase. As a result you will have different XML packages for Ensemble and for InterSystems IRIS and have one code base, say in IRIS.

Hi, Edward!

Here is the post about using Twilio

It’s about phone calls but Twilio provides services for SMS too.