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My one)


ClassMethod FizzBuzz()


f i=1:1:100 {

s k=i

f a=3,5,15 s:'(i#a) k=$CASE(a,3:"Fizz",5:"Buzz",:"FizzBuzz")

w k,!



Out of curiosity - if Combochart doesn't work for you? I think it can show the data in different styles for different series on a one widget.

Hi Ed!

One of the ways to expand the functionality in DeepSeeWeb is to expand the library of DSW widgets. 

The standard way is to implement the needed functionality in javascript (or take the one which already does what you want from the Internet) and make use of this javascript-widget as a new one with portlets.

Then introduce a new class derived from Portlet class (e.g. SmartMarkersPortlet) into the namespace and make sure that the name of the javascript file is equal to a classname.

Where have you seen such a global?

Keys in global are unique. If you set the value of a global for the same key you'll override the value for the key.

Like @Eduard Lebedyuk wrote if you run 3 commands:

Hi Jimmy!

401 means that Authenticated user is not authorized to reach the server.

To prove the fact you could grant the application a %ALL role (the second tab) and this should work then.