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Hi Vincent!

One of the working examples of DeepSee Dashboard filters promoted via URL you can check here in Developer Community.

Hi Flavio!

Hope you are talking about Visual Studio Code, not Visual Studio.

There are at least two active approaches on coding and compiling ObjectScript from VSCode:

Agree with @Eduard Lebedyuk answer, want to introduce another toolset:

1. Import ISC_DEV utility to a DEFAULT_INSTANCE say in a USER namespace and map the classes of the utility to %All.

2. Setup the workdir to export the code

YOURNAMESPACE> w ##class(dev.code).workdir("/path/to/your/wor

2. export code calling:

Hi Thembelani!

For the new development with containers, the choice number one is InterSystems IRIS. You can try and build your solution with community edtion on AWS, Google or Azure.

Also, the option which worked:

ClassMethod valuesCollectionToDisplay(val, delim) As %String
  quit ..AsJSON(val)

ClassMethod AsJSON(val) As %String
  set res = []
  set ptr = 0
  while $LISTNEXT(val, ptr, el) {
    do res.%Push(el)
  quit res.%ToJSON()

And the SQL call:

Select %EXTERNAL(values) values from data

INT code gives you the option to debug the related MAC, CLS or.. INT code. So it's for debugging purpose. And yes, it's stored in globals on disk and so needs disk space.