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Hi Stella!

This is complicated cause the base class of a cube should contain the most granular records for the subject area being analyzed. Speaking with family terms children can analyze their dads in a cube but not vice versa.  That means want to analyze Kids - build the cube for Kids.

There is one trick though which lets you analyze Kids from Dads assuming if your Dad is not very fruitful ;) I mean this will work if your Dad has less then 1,000 kids)

Hi, Edward!

Here is the post about using Twilio

It’s about phone calls but Twilio provides services for SMS too.


Hi, Akio!

I bet there is no Caché Evaluation version on Mac, only Windows.

So if you want to run it on Mac - the virtual machine is your friend.

But I would suggest starting with new product InterSystems IRIS - you can get your sandbox here or on GCP.

Hi, Blaise!

For printing dashboards from IRIS analytics, I can recommend trying dsw-reports. 

It can print widgets from dashboards and send it in pdf on a schedule.

Hi Sean! Moved the discussion to the Other group.

4,800+ are the registered members, stats. We also have about 20,000 unique DC visitors monthly.

From them we have about 3,000 visitors who come directly to the site - so we can assume as "real" developers who reads/writes on DC daily. But this touches only the English world.  And not all of them know about DC.

Hi, Jaqueline!

Yes, sure, you can hide the header of the dashboard if you untroduce a "&embed=1" parameter after namespace in the URL.

e.g. like here