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How to call a classmethod?

If you are inside the class Circle call it with:

do ..Radius()

If you call this method from another class use:

do ##class(Circle).Radius()

But there are cases when you do not know either name of a class or name of a method on runtime. So $classmethod is your friend here:

do $classmethod("Circle","Radius")


Hi, Minsu!

I guess you can use Caché JDBC driver to get access to tables in Caché.

Also, check this article which discusses the options of using Hibernate in Caché.

Hi, Lin!

You are creating this calculated dimensions as shared members. In this case, they are stored in some ^DeepSee.* global.

One of the options to avoid calculated dimensions' storage in the global and further deployment difficulties you can use calculated members with Shared Storage option turned off.

You can alter this option if you create calculated dimension in a named and saved pivot.

Hi, Razvan!

Do you want to alter just css? Or do you want to have a completely different view of the widgets? 

You can use $System.OBJ.Export() for it.

For every project where I need it I have a project cheatsheet file, where I have:

s list="MyPackage*.INC,MyPackage*.CLS,Folder*.DFI"
D $System.OBJ.Export(list,"release"_$tr($zd($h,3),"-","")_".xml")

So when I need to export the whole project into importable xml file I call these two lines in terminal.