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Hi, Razvan!

Do you want to alter just css? Or do you want to have a completely different view of the widgets? 

You can use $System.OBJ.Export() for it.

For every project where I need it I have a project cheatsheet file, where I have:

s list="MyPackage*.INC,MyPackage*.CLS,Folder*.DFI"
D $System.OBJ.Export(list,"release"_$tr($zd($h,3),"-","")_".xml")

So when I need to export the whole project into importable xml file I call these two lines in terminal.


This is placed just to remove question from unanswered.

Hi, John! 
Yes, it is. I'll post the release announcement later. 

Hope you like new color scheme. I do )


Hi, John!

Thank you for the feedback! The issue filed.


Hi, Pravin!

Thanks for the feedback.

There is no way to do this at the moment. But it is planned feature to introduce.