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Also, the option which worked:

ClassMethod valuesCollectionToDisplay(val, delim) As %String
  quit ..AsJSON(val)

ClassMethod AsJSON(val) As %String
  set res = []
  set ptr = 0
  while $LISTNEXT(val, ptr, el) {
    do res.%Push(el)
  quit res.%ToJSON()

And the SQL call:

Select %EXTERNAL(values) values from data

INT code gives you the option to debug the related MAC, CLS or.. INT code. So it's for debugging purpose. And yes, it's stored in globals on disk and so needs disk space.

Actually, the case is very practical.

We need to know, which of the tags in DC relate to InterSystems Products and Services.

Every post on DC has a Tags field, which is a comma delimited string,  consists of  any of 150+ tags.

We need to form a Big Tag field, which is filtered Tags field with only the following values:  Caché, Ensemble, HealthShare, Intersystems IRIS, DeepSee, iKnow, Atelier, Online Learning, Documentation, WRC.

E.g. this particular post has Tags: Beginner, Caché

Hi Harkirat!

You have two questions here) Answering on the limits for a particular user.

Yes, you can limit the data user see via DeepSee interfaces.