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Hi, solved this by using the following function:

pRequest.SegCountGet() -> This gave me the number of segments in the HL7 Message, and because I knew that my required value is in the last segment in the 5th field, I could retrive it then using GetValueat()


This was solved by writing a new function with the PrepareW command. I had the mySQL 8.0 Unicode driver installed. 

I cannot understand why I had to write a new function but it works. Following are the checks to consider (that I made):

1. Check the quotes against the values that you enter

2. Test with PrepareW statements

3. Increase the max_allocated_packet from 4M to 16M [in the more recent versions of mySQL it is default to 512M]



Was able to solve this by the following code.


sorry everyone, I was able to fix the issue. it was an issue with the password to the database. So sorry. 

thank you for the input. Would have been nice to have a clearer error message though... didnt show me anything. to indicate that the connection was an issue

Hey guys, So the issue was with our mail server. It is blocked from receiving emails from third party applications. Thank you to everyone who guided me. Regards, Eric