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The usual port is the Web port (default 57772)

Please check with your administrator if the credential are correct, if you have any firwall that is closing the connection, etc...

Have you checkd if it works with a local instance? (localhost)

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Check the following code:

Set tProduction="Demo.HL7.MsgRouter.Production"

// Types:
// Empty: Retrieve all items 
// 1: Business Service
// 2: Business Process
// 3: Business Operation

Set tType="1"

Set tRS = ##class(%ResultSet).%New("Ens.Config.Production:EnumerateConfigItems")

Set tStatus = tRS.%Execute(tProduction, tType)

While tRS.%Next(.tStatus) {

   write tRS.%Get("BusinessType")_" : "_tRS.%Get("ConfigName"),!


II hope it's useful

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Hi Sam.

Why not create a TCP listener Service and link the message to your rule?

Using a tool to send HL7 message you can debug your rule. (

I use to use HL7 Inspector to send message and I've debugged my code by this way.

There is not a direct way to test your code in Studio.


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Francisco López

If you really need a double key, use a persistence class instead.

You can define your fields and the key you want. You only need one instance of the object and find using the index.

The Looup table  was designed to be used as a dictionary, do not try to use an object for another purpose.


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Hi again.... I've found a solution for this issue and it works.

Hi Conor.

If you try to convert directly this datetime to a $HOROLOG format, you'll have problems :)

Date is a valid format, however the time needs to convert a valid format, so modify the variable to convert a valid datetime format.

set myTimeStamp="20160105125915"

set myTimeStampValid=$EXTRACT(fecha,1,4)_"-"_$EXTRACT(fecha,5,6)_"-"_$EXTRACT(fecha,7,8)_" "_$EXTRACT(fecha,9,10)_":"_$EXTRACT(fecha,11,12)_":"_$EXTRACT(fecha,13,14)

Then you have a datetime in format YYY-mm-dd HH:MM:ss

Now, you need to convert this variable to $HOROLOG format

Thanks to both,

I don't want to create a new account, cuz I can lose all my entries, and I couldn't link my account to Global Master one.

The account to WRC is other one, and I want to save it as it is.

Other option? wink


We are using Atelier with TFS and we haven't problems with it.

Sometimes, I have to check out the file manually because the synchronize process doesn't check out automatically. Some members of my team do it automatically but I don't. Don't know.

If you want to install TFS plugin, I've published a quick tutorial How to install and use TFS in Atelier. Please, have a look 

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It's easy,

As Eduard has exposed, you can pass a JSon as content of your Api

check that application/json is included into headers collection


I'm very sorry for this question, the answer was in my face and I didn't see it.

The plus sign is a special character in URL, so it should be replaced with "%2b" to escape the character.

I'm ashamed to think that this problem was too simple

I should call


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