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Prueba a hacer lo siguiente:
1) Crea un recurso para tu WebApi (p.e. ResourceMyApi) Sistema -> Gestión de seguridad -> Recursos

2) Generamos un nuevo Rol para asignar este recurso (p.e. RolMyApi) Sistem -> Gestión de seguridad -> Roles

Asignamos el recurso a este rol

Well, next time I need to read the documentation in depth.


There is a base method to check if a class extends of other one


Try the following code. It only works if the class parent is Ens.DataTransformDTL


Please, use the DTL class properties

set obj=##class(EXC.DTL.Lamont).%New()

write 'Source type: '_obj.GetSourceType()

write 'Target type: '_obj.GetTargetType()

Have a look the following documentation



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You need to map the other Global database into your namespace. This is the only way to have visibility of other database

Unfortunately, you should remove it manually. after, you should remove it in your local workspace, because if you want to synchronize your application, the package would be in your workspace again.

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Hi Dani,

This class uses EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdapter, according to the documentation, this is the path on the Ensemble server to save a copy of each file received from the FTP server. That is not a FTP folder.

If you want to move the file processed into a FTP folder after processed, you should get the file from this folder and put it manually.

Hi Conor.

If you try to convert directly this datetime to a $HOROLOG format, you'll have problems :)

Date is a valid format, however the time needs to convert a valid format, so modify the variable to convert a valid datetime format.

set myTimeStamp="20160105125915"

set myTimeStampValid=$EXTRACT(fecha,1,4)_"-"_$EXTRACT(fecha,5,6)_"-"_$EXTRACT(fecha,7,8)_" "_$EXTRACT(fecha,9,10)_":"_$EXTRACT(fecha,11,12)_":"_$EXTRACT(fecha,13,14)

Then you have a datetime in format YYY-mm-dd HH:MM:ss

Now, you need to convert this variable to $HOROLOG format


I'm very sorry for this question, the answer was in my face and I didn't see it.

The plus sign is a special character in URL, so it should be replaced with "%2b" to escape the character.

I'm ashamed to think that this problem was too simple

I should call


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