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My understanding is that while you can easily retrieve environment variables visible to your process using the $system.Util.GetEnviron() interface, you simply do not have access to an equivalent $system.Util.SetEnviron(), as setting of environment variables can be quite tricky, risky and very OS specific.

Hi Joyce,

I just tested the documentation steps on my Mac just to confirm that they would work correctly with the current Docker release, and it seems IO got everything going through correctly.

The "permission denied"  error suggests some kind of permission issue, and looking at your "docker run" command I have a strong suspicion that the problem may be coming from the --volume /Users/docker:/external mapping, as anything under "Users" is handled quite strictly by MacOS (and correctly so I would add:-)

I know this is not the ready-to-use procedure that you were looking for, but as a starting point for anyone landing here looking for ideas, some starting modules that you can use would be:

- automated restore of a BCK backup file can be accomplished with the EXTALL^DBREST or EXTSELCT^DBREST entry points.

- integrity check of one or multiple databases are available through the SYS.Database class, with the methods IntegrityCheck() or SilentIntegrityCheck()