Peter Steiwer · Dec 12, 2019 2m read
Creating Portlets in DeepSee

What is a portlet?

The simple answer is: a custom widget. A portlet can exist by itself on a DeepSee dashboard, it can be used along side standard DeepSee widgets, or along side other portlets. The rendering of the custom widget is completely user defined. This means you can embed a web page, create a form to perform any sort of action needed based on the data on your dashboard, use third party charting libraries, or simply display data from outside of a DeepSee cube.

How to get started

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Hey Community,

Please join the next InterSystems online programming competition:

🏆 InterSystems FHIR Accelerator Programming Contest 🏆

Submit an application that uses InterSystems FHIR-as-a-service on AWS or helps to develop solutions using InterSystems IRIS FHIR Accelerator.

    Duration: May 10 - June 06, 2021

    Total prize: $8,750

    👉 Landing page 👈

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    Hi Developers!

    Recently we released the updated version 0.1.3 of ObjectScript Package Manager (ZPM) which comes with the support of simplified ObjectScript sources folder structure.

    What 'simplified' does mean?

    Before 0.1.3 ZPM expected the following structure:

    ---/cls  - for ObjectScript classes
    ---/mac - or Mac ObjectScript routines
    ---/inc - for ObjectScript macro include files.

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    I'm pleased to announce the latest version of extensions for ObjectScript. Just a month has gone since my latest update, and I already have something new to show.

    Important. In this version connection to the server will be disabled by default. You have to activate connection through the settings:"" = true.

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    Most of us are more or less familiar with Docker. Those who use it like it for the way it lets us easily deploy almost any application, play with it, break something and then restore the application with a simple restart of the Docker container.

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    Hi Community!

    We are pleased to invite all the developers to the upcoming InterSystems Interoperability Contest Kick-off Webinar! The topic of this webinar is dedicated to the Interoperability Contest.

    In this webinar, we will talk about the interoperability capabilities of InterSystems IRIS, will do a demo of building the basic IRIS interoperability solution, and demo how to use the PEX. Also, we’ll discuss and answer the questions on how to build interoperability solutions using InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health.

    Date & Time: Monday, November 2 — 10:00 AM EDT

    🗣 @Stefan Wittmann, InterSystems Product Manager
    🗣 @Eduard Lebedyuk, InterSystems Sales Engineer
    🗣 @Evgeny Shvarov, InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Manager

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    Hi Community!

    The registration phase for InterSystems Online Programming Contest ends today and we will start the voting week!

    Now we have 20 applications - so you have a set of applications to choose from!

    How to vote?

    This is easy: you will have one vote, and your vote goes either in Experts nomination or in Community nomination.

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    Hey Developers!

    This week is a voting week for the InterSystems Full Stack Contest!

    So, it's time to give your vote to the best solutions built with InterSystems IRIS.

    🔥 You decide: VOTING IS HERE 🔥

    How to vote? This is easy: you will have one vote, and your vote goes either in Experts Nomination or in Community Nomination.

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    Check out this short demo on the InterSystems Developer YouTube channel showing how the new Production Component Driver can be used for Source Control of Interoperability Productions.

    The driver enables highly granular management of interoperability productions with tight integration into the InterSystems IRIS management portal.

    Using Deltanji for Source Control of Interoperability Productions

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    Hi Community,

    We are pleased to invite all the developers to the upcoming InterSystems Datasets Contest Kick-off Webinar! The topic of this webinar is dedicated to the Datasets contest.

    In this webinar, we’ll do a quick tour of the new LOAD DATA feature, also chime in on packaging global data or file data with ZPM, and run a data-generation script as part of a method in the zpm install.

    As always, our experts will answer the questions on how to develop, build, and deploy datasets using InterSystems IRIS.

    Date & Time: Tuesday, December 28 – 10:00 AM EDT

    🗣 @Benjamin De Boe, Product Manager, InterSystems
    🗣 @Evgeny Shvarov, InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Manager

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    Hi Community,

    This post is a introduction of my open exchange iris-fhir-client application.

    iris-fhir-client can connect to any open FHIR Server by using embedded python with the help of fhirpy Library.
    Get Resource information by terminal and by using CSP web application.

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    Hope most of you already familiar with project CachéQuality from @Daniel Tamajon. For those who don’t know about it, it is a static syntax analyzer for your code written for InterSystems products. It may help you to find and solve many different types of issues in your code, and even possible bugs before clients will find it in production. So, with help of CachéQuality you will be able to deliver a better product. You can find the complete list of rules used to check ObjectScript code here.

    It was already available in Studio. And now it is also available in VSCode.

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    Henrique Dias · Apr 20, 2021 2m read
    ZPM Explorer

    Hi Community,

    @José Roberto Pereira and I want to introduce ZPM Explorer, our graphic interface to explorer the greats applications that we have inside InterSystems Package Manager.

    The idea

    ZPM Explorer's idea is to make it easier for people to find out what ZPM offers. Every week, every day, a new app joins the ZPM world, so why not help developers and non-developers take advantage of this incredible world?!

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    Hi Community,

    We're pleased to invite you to the online meetup with the winners of the InterSystems Interoperability contest!

    Date & Time: Friday, October 29, 2021 – 12:00 EDT

    What awaits you at this virtual meetup?

    • Our winners' bios.
    • Short demos on their applications.
    • An open discussion about technologies being used. Q&A. Plans for the next contests.

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