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Hello everybody,

My question would be, how is the recommended way to access Windows shares, also in view of future demads. Of course, I'm also happy about an explanation or code snippet of how the library, which is mentioned in the following , can be used under cache.

The classic jcifs library is easy to use, also with Cache, but as microsoft ceases support for smb1, we are currently looking for alternatives. jcifs-ng is such a library, which we took a closer look at. In java code a jcifs-ng file operation looks like this:

CIFSContext baseCtx = new BaseContext(new PropertyConfiguration(System.getProperties()));
NtlmPasswordAuthenticator creds = new NtlmPasswordAuthenticator(smbDomain,smbUser,smbPass);
CIFSContext ct = baseCtx.withCredentials(creds);
SmbResource sr = ct.get(smbConnect);

// do something with the SmbRessource which can be either a file or a directory

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Astronomers’ tools

5 years ago, on December 19, 2013, the ESA launched an orbital telescope called Gaia. Learn more about the Gaia mission on the official website of the European Space Agency or in the article by Vitaly Egorov (Billion pixels for a billion stars).

However, few people know what technology the agency chose for storing and processing the data collected by Gaia. Two years before the launch, in 2011, the developers were considering a number of candidates (see “Astrostatistics and Data Mining” by Luis Manuel Sarro, Laurent Eyer, William O’Mullane, Joris De Ridder, pp. 111-112):

Comparing the technologies side-by-side produced the following results (source):

PostgreSQL 814min50s
PostgreSQL 96min50s

The first four will probably sound familiar even to schoolchildren. But what is Caché XEP?

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InterSystems is pleased to announce the release of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1.1


This is our first follow up to InterSystems IRIS 2018.1.0, released earlier this year.  InterSystems IRIS is a unified data platform for building scalable multi-workload, multi-model data management applications with native interoperability and an open analytics platform.  As a reminder, you can learn more about InterSystems IRIS Data Platform from these Learning Services resources.

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