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Hi Developers!

It's just a statement to let you know who is working for you this year as Developer Community Moderators. Here is our noble team!

English Community:

@Eduard Lebedyuk 

@John Murray 

@Dmitry Maslennikov 

@Robert Cemper 

@Jeffrey Drumm 

@Scott Roth 

Spanish Community:

@Kurro Lopez 

@Nancy Martínez 

Moderators! thanks for your hard work to make this place busy and helpful!

Developers! You can meet in person all the moderators on InterSystems Global Summit 2020 in Seattle this year and on regional events. 

Stay tuned!

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Hi Community!

Thank you so much for being with InterSystems Developer Community yet another year! 

We want to know how helpful the Developer Community is for you today.

Could you please go through this short survey which will let us know what do you think and what could be improved.

➡️ Developer Community Survey 2019 (4 min)


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  ✨


Your InterSystems Developer Community Team

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Hi Community!

It's time to announce the best articles on InterSystems Data Platforms you published in 2018!

And here are three best articles for the year (criteria is the number of views):

First place: K-Means clustering of the Iris Dataset, by Niyaz Khafizov  1564

Second place: Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part I: Git, by Eduard Lebedyuk  1206

Third place: Replacing ZEN - Part 1 - Introduction, by Peter Cooper  933

Congrats to authors!

And what are the best articles by InterSystems Data Platforms?

See below

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Hi Community!

Here is the digest of the most popular videos on InterSystems Data Platforms we published in 2018 on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel!


Please check the most popular videos by Watch Time. See the details below. 

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Hi Developers !

Welcome to our 🏆1st InterSystems Portuguese Tech Article Contest 🏆 

Write an article about any topic related to InterSystems technologies from March 14 to April 14, 2022.


We're excited about your participation. Join now!

Build up a team and join sending the article made by the team. There will be a bonus for articles made by teams. 

Prizes for everybody: All participants will receive a special prize!

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Evgeny Shvarov · Jan 18, 2017
Top 10 Authors in 2016

Hi, Community!

Over 600 different authors posted anything on Developer Community in 2016. 

Developer Community contains some brilliant pieces of content because of you. Thank you!

With one of the latest DC releases we introduced "Member Follow" functionality, so you can open any members' page, follow him and be subscribed to all his new posts and comments.

Just to give you ideas who to follow in 2017 here is top 10 authors in 2016 for several nominations ;)

All the nominations do not include postings within Developer Community tag or group.

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