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      Hi, Community!

      I'm pleased to announce that in this December 2017 we have 2 years of InterSystems Developer Community up and running!

      Together we did a lot this year, and a lot more is planned for the next year!

      Our Community is growing: In November we had 3,700 registered members (2,200 last November) and 13,000 web users visited the site in November 2017 (7,000 last year).

      Thank you for using it, thanks for making it useful, thanks for your knowledge, experience, and your passion!

      And, may I ask you to share in the comments the article or question which was most helpful for you this year?

      Happy Birthday, Developer Community!

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      Hi Community,

      We are excited to announce that InterSystems Developers Meetups are finally back in person!

      The first Python-related meetup will take place on July 21 at 6:00 at Democracy Brewing, Boston, MA. There will be 2-3 short presentations related to Python, Q&A, networking sessions as well as free beer with snacks and brewery tours.


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      Hi, Community!

      This is a digest of the Developer Community postings in July 2018.

      Most viewed

      Atelier and Studio 1070

      Caché and Ensemble 2018.1 Field Test Release 268

      GraphQL for InterSystems Data Platforms 191

      Cache Dynamic SQL Pagination 155

      Caché SQL Queries 154

      $ZF(-100,..) issues 145

      InterSystems Platform Functions 127

      Docker with overlay support 124

      Atelier. Compilation returns "Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/..." 123

      Error: CSP application closed the connection before sending a response 122

      Use GZIP to compress/decompress files 112

      K-Means clustering of the Iris Dataset 76

      Intersystems Cache Python Object-Relational Mapper 74

      The way to launch Apache Spark + Apache Zeppelin + InterSystems IRIS 72

      Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part VIII: CD using ICM 70

      Storage Performance Series - NetApp All-Flash FAS (AFF) A300 69

      Load a ML model into InterSystems IRIS 57

      Most voted

      Caché SQL Queries 9

      GraphQL for InterSystems Data Platforms 7

      Caché and Ensemble 2018.1 Field Test Release 7

      The way to launch Apache Spark + Apache Zeppelin + InterSystems IRIS 6

      Use GZIP to compress/decompress files 3

      Check audit settings programmatically 3

      K-Means clustering of the Iris Dataset 3

      Docker with overlay support 3

      Load a ML model into InterSystems IRIS 3

      Storage Performance Series - NetApp All-Flash FAS (AFF) A300 2

      Most commented

      Error: CSP application closed the connection before sending a responce 30

      Create studio project file 14

      Atelier and Studio 12

      Cache Dynamic SQL Pagination 10

      Unable to export lookup tables (.LUT) and HL7 schemas (.HL7) directly via Atelier to commit in source control (GIT) 9

      Using regular expressions in a routing rule 9

      zgetFile+8^User.Read.1 8

      $ZF(-100,..) issues 7

      Multi-line terminal commands 7

      Querying ODBC SQL Server 7

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      Hi Developers!

      Now it's time for all Japanese speaking users of our community!

      We're pleased to announce the official start of the Japanese InterSystems Developer Community!

      And let me introduce you @Minoru Horita and @Toshihiko Minamoto from InterSystems Japan as managers of the InterSystems Developer Community in Japanese!

      Here are the main points you need to know:

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      Hi Developers,
      We are excited to announce that InterSystems will be a Platinum sponsor of Hacking Health Camp - big professional HealthTech conference and hackathon, which will take place in-person in Strasbourg, France on March 25-27, 2022.

      On March 8, 2022 @Guillaume Rongier will carry out a webinar "How FHIR can help you develop your health applications" (Webinar language: French). Register here.

      At the hackathon, InterSystems will have a challenge for hackers on using InterSystems FHIR cloud services.

      Learn more on official website and join us in-person in France!

      SUPINFO Hacking Health Camp

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      Hey Community,

      We're thrilled to invite you to the next "InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022", which will be held in-person once again. Registration is already open!

      Join us in this important event where we'll bring together InterSystems customers and partners and also employees and members of the Developer Community - to learn, inspire and share innovation challenges with each other:

      ➡️ InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022

      🗓 November 16 – 17, 2022

      📍Valencia. The Westin Valencia hotel

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      Hi, Community!

      We have a new release here!

      What has been introduced:

      1. Better notifications

      With this release I hope you will turn on back the email notifications because every new notification today in the beginning of itself will tell first, why did you get it describing the exact reason you got this particular notification. And if you don't want this type of notification to be delivered anymore click unsubscribe link in the notification and it will lead to the settings of this very type to alter.

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      Hey Developers,

      Good news! One more upcoming in-person event is nearby.

      We're pleased to invite you to join "J On The Beach", an international rendezvous for developers and DevOps around Big Data technologies. A fun conference to learn and share the latest experiences, tips & tricks related to Big Data technologies, and, the most important part, it’s On The Beach!

      🗓 April 27-29, 2022

      📍Málaga, Spain

      This year, InterSystems is a Gold Sponsor of the JOTB.

      We're more than happy to invite you and your colleagues to our InterSystems booth for a personal conversation. As always, there will be some surprises on it... 😁

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      Evgeny Shvarov · May 16, 2017
      Developer Community Meetups

      Hi, Community!

      We are starting InterSystems Developer Community meetups: events to discuss InterSystems technology in person.

      This would be 2-3 hours evening events to meet and discuss the best practices, new features, share experience regarding implementation of InterSystems technologies and products.

      Besides free discussion and networking there would be 3-4 sessions delivered by InterSystems engineers. Local partners are very welcome to participate as speakers too!

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      Hi Community!

      It's time to announce the best articles on InterSystems Data Platforms you published in 2018!

      And here are three best articles for the year (criteria is the number of views):

      First place: K-Means clustering of the Iris Dataset, by Niyaz Khafizov 1564

      Second place: Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part I: Git, by Eduard Lebedyuk 1206

      Third place: Replacing ZEN - Part 1 - Introduction, by Peter Cooper 933

      Congrats to authors!

      And what are the best articles by InterSystems Data Platforms?

      See below

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      Hi Community!

      We are launching the new channel of InterSystems Technology content for you. Please welcome InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel!

      What the content you will find there:

      See how it looks:

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      Evgeny Shvarov · Jan 18, 2017
      Top 10 Authors in 2016

      Hi, Community!

      Over 600 different authors posted anything on Developer Community in 2016.

      Developer Community contains some brilliant pieces of content because of you. Thank you!

      With one of the latest DC releases we introduced "Member Follow" functionality, so you can open any members' page, follow him and be subscribed to all his new posts and comments.

      Just to give you ideas who to follow in 2017 here is top 10 authors in 2016 for several nominations ;)

      All the nominations do not include postings within Developer Community tag or group.

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      On June 7th we'll be releasing two new views of content that will allow you to rapidly see what's new on the site as well as identify content that has gone unanswered. The next step for this (after this release) will be to add in personalization so that you can filter content based on your tag and member "following" preferences.

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      Hey Community,
      Please check out the 2021 Annual Dev Community Article Digest with the most popular and commented articles. Thank you all for your contributions to the InterSystems Community in 2021!
      General Stats
      1,687 posts published in 2021:
      – 234 articles
      – 436 announcements
      – 980 questions
      – 37 discussions
      2,451 members joined the Developer Community in 2021
      8,930 posts published all time
      10,287 members joined all time
      6 7
      0 279