Atelier 1.0

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Ok, I am trying to do my homework here but seem to be sinking.

I installed Atelier from the link    atelier-1.0.0AT.262.0-win_x64.exe  from at Atelier home page


Then I install Java from

I found the Atelier App but it gives this whole page of stuff and at the top it says I have an exit status code of 13.

I have looked through a number of post on Atelier and now am lost.

Any direction please?

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When I open a BPL in Atelier and right click 'Open diagram editor' I get a Java Incompatible browser error message (see below).

I'm using Windows 8.1, Atelier 1.0.190 and IE 11.

All the M.S. updates are up to date.

I also have firefox and chrome installed.

Trying to change default browsers etc. did not work.

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