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    Hi Timothy,

    I've tried many debug targets.  Using csp/NameHere/package.home.cls I get this error when I run it:


    Caché Server Pages Version 2014.1.3.775....

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    One more variant from Russian forum:


    Comment to the post "Solution for T9 Spelling Problem in Caché ObjectScript" by Evgeny Shvarov, 30 May 2016

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    A few questions:

    • If you open the same URL without the CSPDEBUG URL parameter, what happens?
    • Does /namehere/package.home.cls work as a debug target?
    • Is the webserver port correct for IIS, or are you using a private...

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    Joe! Would you please describe how can the Listing Groups be deployed?

    Comment to the post "DeepSee Listing Groups" by Evgeny Shvarov, 28 May 2016

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    Excellent! Thanks for sharing Benjamin!


    - Joyce

    Comment to the post "iKnow demo apps (part 1) - Knowledge Portal" by Joyce Zhang, 31 May 2016

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    In Studio, choose Debug > Debug Target... and enter the URL you want to debug, including CSP application- e,g,, /csp/samples/ZENDemo.MethodTest.cls. Put a breakpoint in the method you want to debug. Click Debug > Go. That should do it. See:  http:/ ...

  • Question: How to attach a studio debugger to a Zen class running on Ensemble server (via IIS)

    Development Environment Ensemble Language Undefined Hi all- I'm running a Zen page that inherits from %Zen.Component.page, and I'd like to step through code and debug it.  Is this possible, and how?   I've tried to attach to a process that ...

    Post by Laura Cavanaugh 31 May 2016

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    The UI isn't completely obvious

    That's an understatement! :)

    But thanks, nonetheless.

    Comment to the post "Documentation for transforms/mappings?" by Scott Beeson, 27 April 2016

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    Good article Tony. Thanks!


    Comment to the post "Random Read IO Storage Performance Tool" by Luca Ravazzolo, 25 May 2016

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    I was able to access the docs in our BASE environment, just not TEST.

    Comment to the post "Documentation for transforms/mappings?" by Scott Beeson, 27 April 2016