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  • Question: Storage Management

    Databases, Namespace, HL7, HealthShare Language Undefined We want to isolate the storage of our CCDAs from our HL7 V2 data, but keep them under the same namespace. From my understanding, I should create a new database then store those classes related to ...

    Post by Paul Riker 9 August 2016

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    Aren't these "demo tools" useful for general configuration for whatever project? I mean, are they going to appear in future releases or are not so useful in real projects?

    Comment to the post "iKnow demo apps (part 3) - Dictionary Builder Demo" by Jose Tomas Salvador, 14 June 2016

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    I need to know also global reads, so the journal is not an option as it's not logging these reads. I'll try with PERFMON.

    Thanks for your answer

    Comment to the post "Global references done internally by Cache" by Marc Alcala, 4 August 2016

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    I've realized that you can define sets without entities associated and, if that happens, the tabs Table and Sets stop working as there is an internal oref error and no info is produced. To fix it you have to delete the empty set through SQL.

    Comment to the post "iKnow demo apps (part 2) - Set Analysis demo" by Jose Tomas Salvador, 7 June 2016

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    Unfortunately in times when web-applications prevail other types of applications this approach is cannot be widely used. This way can't be used directly in CSP, because of by default any session could be joined to any process, but Procces-private...

    Comment to the post "Tips & Tricks - Process-private Globals as a class storage" by Dmitriy Maslennikov, 9 August 2016

  • Article: Tips & Tricks - Process-private Globals as a class storage

    Code snippet, Data Model, Globals, Object Data Model, ObjectScript, Tips & Tricks, Caché Language Undefined Process-private Globals   can be used as a data global in storage definition. That way, each process can have its own objects for the class ...

    Post by Eduard Lebedyuk 9 August 2016

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    Here's the version for windows and most linux distros: ClassMethod RunPage(Url As %String = "http://intersystems.com") {#Include %occOptions Set Browser = $Select($$$isWINDOWS:"start", $$$isUNIX:"x-www-browser", 1:" ...

    Answer to the post "How to use ZUTILS with Gmail, Facebook, Caché Terminal etc" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 9 August 2016

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    Hi Fabian,

    Thanks for your answer. The reason is just for testing, I want to ensure that some piece of code doesn't access the database. The question about the query would be yes. I will consider it as our code.

    I like the idea of...

    Comment to the post "Global references done internally by Cache" by Marc Alcala, 4 August 2016

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    This is a terrific article.

    Please add a mention of %DB_HSCUSTOM role that one should create in order to prevent an error on upgrade, as it is expected to be there if the HSCUSTOM already exists at upgrade time, as per ProdLog ...

    Comment to the post "HealthShare's new SDA extensions" by Robert Leff, 5 August 2016

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    Bingo! Thanks!

    Comment to the post "SourceConfig Reference" by Paul Riker, 5 August 2016