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  • Question: Using streams with Russian language

    Object Data Model, Caché Language Undefined Hello, guys. I need to copy the text from one stream to another filestream and save it. I am using    do  fileStream. CopyFromAndSave (rtn. Code) However, if "rtn" stream contains Russian characters I ...

    Post by Rustam Ibragimov 5 August 2016

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    In this case you can use windows tool SC, to get information about services.  and to work with SC, you can use $zf(-1), and it will looks something like this set result=$zf(-1,"sc query messenger | FIND ""STATE"" | FIND " ...

    Answer to the post "Windows service checks using Cache" by Dmitriy Maslennikov, 5 August 2016

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    It's not an option for us.  We have lots of legacy code with different ways of modifying/reading globals:

    • Direct global references.
    • SQL (%ResultSet, %SQL.Statement, etc.).

    Anyway, tanks for your answer!

    Comment to the post "Global references done internally by Cache" by Marc Alcala, 4 August 2016

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    GlobalsDB, no more developing, thats why this site has some issues. You may find you answer in this exactly the same question, asked few days ago ...

    Answer to the post "Where to find cache.node globals download?" by Dmitriy Maslennikov, 5 August 2016

  • Question: Windows service checks using Cache

    Callout, ObjectScript, Caché Language Undefined Hello Cache experts, Has anyone tried using Cache object script to check windows service is running or windows service installed or not on same computer or remote computer? basically i am trying to develop ...

    Post by Bapu Hirave 4 August 2016

  • Question: Where to find cache.node globals download?

    Caché, Globals, Interoperability, Node.js Language Undefined Using Node.js with Caché- Introduction says the following: The  cache.node  module is the Node.js interface for the GlobalsDB kit, which can be obtained from the GlobalsDB download page (http:/ ...

    Post by Scott Beeson 4 August 2016

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    If your class inherits properties from another class, substitute %compiledclass for %class in the solution above.

    Comment to the post "Generic way to test if all the propertiers of an object are null" by Joel Solon, 4 August 2016

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    Hi Eduard!

    Thank you  for  your response. 

    I still cannot make it work and have questions:

    1) I am not sure which file to use as cache.node. The setting.js doesn't list my version of node.js  ( which is V4.4.7 ):


    Comment to the post "how to connect to the Cache database from node.js ?" by Shavkat Shamukhamedov, 2 August 2016

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    Ok Joel and Alex, thanks for your feedback.

    Comment to the post "On $Sequence function" by Fernando Telesca, 29 July 2016

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    Hi Fernando.

    By default it is $Increment, that is fine in most cases. You can use storage parameter IDFunction to modify this.


    Comment to the post "On $Sequence function" by Alexander Koblov, 29 July 2016