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    Hi Kenneth

    This post : 


    Comment to the post "Connect Timeout vs Failure Timeout" by Paster-Bachar Gadi, 22 September 2016

  • Question: Connect Timeout vs Failure Timeout

    Ensemble Language Undefined Hi- Can someone please explain the affect of the Failure Timeout on an ensemble business operation with a EnsLib.HL7.Adapter.TCPOutboundAdapter Is this setting indicating the number of seconds that the operation will attempt to ...

    Post by Kenneth Poindexter 22 September 2016

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    I worked with Amir on this issue. The problem is caused by a bug, and the fix is already implemented (ALE2918), which will be included in future releases. Right now, the plan is to include the fix in 2017.2+.  ...

    Answer to the post "Why can't I have CSP Gateway files where I want on a cache_silent install?" by Vicky Li, 22 September 2016

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    Will you change newbie corner articles to beginner's corner?   ...

    Answer to the post "Tag for the newbies posts" by Jon Jensen, 22 September 2016

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    Colleagues! The tag for novice/newbies posts is "Beginner". Thank you! 

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    Thanks for the comments. This article is mainly for beginners and focusing on how to build RESTful services. Yes, selecting the right testing tool could be important. But let us help the beginners to buld their first service, let them try (using...

    Comment to the post "REST in Pieces" by Istvan Hahn, 21 September 2016

  • Question: Cache Developer Certification

    Certification, Object Data Model, Caché Language English Hi,  1.  I will ready to write  a cache Developer Certification Level1.   2.  How to prepare this exam and any mock test available.  3.  Where place to I will write exam. (Online as I will write a ...

    Post by Ponnumani Gurusamy 22 September 2016

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    Hi Jenny, The FOREACH has to iterate over something, but there is only one input field, so I don't think there is any other way than a CODE action in a DTL (at least on v2012). I could have done the whole loop in the one CODE, or called an outside ...

    Answer to the post "Reasons to use Code Actions in a DTL?" by Mike Wragg, 22 September 2016

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    Or have a look at Restlet which can produce Swagger as well as RAML, it's still undetermined which will be the defacto standard for API documentation.

    Comment to the post "REST in Pieces" by Herman Slagman, 21 September 2016

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    I agree, Postman is a great tool.

    If you want to document your REST interface, take a look at Swagger. You can generate an HTML documentation for your interface and test each call directly. ...

    Comment to the post "REST in Pieces" by Stefan Wittmann, 21 September 2016