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    Please see this CNA project. It helps to call any dlls  in Runtime. ...

    Answer to the post "Load a dll at run time" by Evgeny Shvarov, 6 May 2016

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    When running the following: $ZF(-4,1,"C:\Windows\System32\pteidlibj.dll"), I’m getting DYNAMIC LIBRARY LOAD and nothing is written to cconsloe.

    If I use $ZF(-4,1,"pteidlibj.dll"), the error persists but I’m getting this on cconsole: (4584)...

    Comment to the post "Load a dll at run time" by Ricardo Paiva, 6 May 2016

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    After this error you should look at cconsole.log, where you can find error code, why loading was failed. Mostly there are two errors with loading dll in cache,  using 32bit dll instead of 64bit. And if this library has unsatisfied dependencies, in this ...

    Answer to the post "Load a dll at run time" by Dmitry Maslennikov, 6 May 2016

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    We introduced Code Snippet tag. Please use it if your post contains a good snippet, or one of the answers/comments on your post is a valuable code snippet.

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    Ensemble, Callout, Java, ObjectScript Language Undefined I am using java gateway imported/proxy classes and JG business service. I need to load a dll at run time. I use System.loadLibrary/System.load when in java. I’ve tried $ZF(-3,” C:\Windows\System32 ...

    Post by Ricardo Paiva 6 May 2016

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    DeepSee, ZEN, Caché Language Undefined You may experience errors executing Java programs that rely on the JAVA_HOME environment. For example when Create PDF from this pivot in DeepSee or in this case, outputting a Zen Report as PDF. You can verify the PDF ...

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    Business Process (BPL), Ensemble Language Undefined I have a scenario where I am calling a business operation which populates  and returns an EnsLib.SQL.Snapshot via dynamic SQL to a Business Process. I then want to iterate over this snapshot and call a ...

    Post by Jeffrey Semmens 5 May 2016

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    Hi Randy,

    This is just the start and we will be adding new filtering capabilities to the online documentation once we release the new UI. Also, we probably haven't done a great job of advertising the fact that the product documentation is...

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    Hi all, I'd like to offer some input here.  Ensemble workloads are traditionally mostly updates when used as purely message ingestion, some transformations, and outbound to one or more outbound interfaces.  As a result, expect to see low Physical ...

    Answer to the post "Best Ensemble Global Buffer Configuration" by Mark Bolinsky, 5 May 2016

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    When I search for something in Ensemble, I got all of the hits in the other areas as well. Would it be possible to restrict the search to the area of the documentation that you are interested in: Cache, Ensemble, etc.

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