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    Digest, Developer Community Language English Most viewed This post is a digest of the Developer Community postings in April 2017. Let's write an Angular 1.x app with a Caché REST backend- Part 1 of Many   281 Compilation gotchas and a request for ...

    Post by Evgeny Shvarov 1 May 2017

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    Your query parameter is getting mapped to a property in the class, and the default maximum length for string properties is 50 characters. You will need to explicitly set a different MAXLEN for that property if you want it to hold longer strings...

    Comment to the post "Parameters" by Arcady Goldmints-Orlov, 29 April 2017

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    Great mention Tani - this is actually a pre-req for what Julian is talking about as the existing course covers the basics. In this next course, we want to cover more best practices and common hiccups that can be either avoided or worked with -...

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    I'm worried that you may be conflating several ideas here.   You said you need to sign your partner's certificate to do mutual authentication.  That's not required technically.  (Maybe it is required by policy for your particular organizations,...

    Comment to the post "How to sign certificate requests from a client system?" by Katherine Reid, 27 April 2017

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    Is it true that Windows doesn't have access to csession? I'm able to run it on my Windows machine:

    C:\InterSystems\Cache\bin>csession CACHE1

    Node: reimaged67, Instance: CACHE1

    USER>w $zv...

    Comment to the post "Scripted/Automated Production Deployment?" by Pravin Barton, 6 February 2017

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    Propably there is no simple answer for this. But ability to easily track and alert connections is many times valuable help. Also sometimes connections are to external servers and we don't want connections from/to internal application servers....

    Comment to the post "Should calls to a third-party web service go through ESB (Ensemble)?" by Mauri Kaatrasalo, 25 April 2017

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    Thanks for your response.  I'm not necessarily asking HOW to do this, but rather I'm interested in whether or not this is something you SHOULD do.  Should these outgoing calls go through the ESB, or should the calls just be made...

    Comment to the post "Should calls to a third-party web service go through ESB (Ensemble)?" by Steven LeBlanc, 25 April 2017

  • Article: Caché and Ensemble 2017.2 Field Test Release

    Caché, Ensemble, Release, Field Tests Language Undefined InterSystems is pleased to announce the Field Test release of Caché and Ensemble 2017.2.0 The entire product team at InterSystems looks forward to hearing about your experiences with this latest ...

    Post by Steve Brunner 1 May 2017

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    Within an SQL statement, the variable starts with a (:) colon.  

    If you put the quote it becomes a fixed value.

                                            ':nameToFind'  ...

    Comment to the post "How to use variable in a sql statement with the like operator" by Anil Mathew, 29 April 2017

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    50 shouldn't be a problem for URL.  URL length problems starts in thousands. This looks suspiciously like String MAXLEN problem.

    Comment to the post "Parameters" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 29 April 2017