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    I removed jquery-1.10.2.min.js and left jquery-1.11.3.min.js.  however, the problem still exists. 


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    I really would recommend creating a %All namespace (if there isn't already one), via %Installer or something that works similarly.

    One projects on the intersystems-ru github, Caché Web Terminal, has the same requirement (use from any...

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    I don't use an %Installer... And in a default Caché installation there is no %ALL namespace.

    What would you say is the less intrusive solution, then?

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    No idea how to delete this.


    Comment to the post "Evergreening Epic Practitioner Information with Open Epic and FHIR" by Ron Sweeney, 30 April 2016

  • Article: Evergreening Epic Practitioner Information with Open Epic and FHIR

    API, HealthShare, REST API Language Undefined Getting around to wrapping up a short tour in Professional Playtime, I wanted to share my experience at the HIMSS FHIR Connectathon I participated in out in Indy in April. A quick note about the venue, aside ...

    Post by Ron Sweeney 30 April 2016

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    See the documentation on the special %ALL "namespace". %ALL allows for globals/routines/packages to be mapped to all namespaces. Your %Installer (if you're using one) can check to see if this is set up and create it if not, and add the ...

  • Question: What is the best practice when the intent is to make a package available to all namespaces?

    Caché, ObjectScript Language Undefined Hello, Still related to the unit test with coverage support project, one goal is to make that package available to everyone. One possible way I already know of is that all fully qualified class names (ie, the package ...

    Post by Francis Galiegue 30 April 2016

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    Well, what I think does not matter.

    You will do what you want regardless.

    As to your promises of this brave new world?

    I will believe it when I see it.

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    We are doing a bunch of work to increase our search engine presence and I think most people will find it easier to find the right InterSystems content in Google searches. Developer Community has gone a long way to add valuable content that is...

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    I have to say that I never thought of using Google to search our documentation until a colleague pointed it out to me a while back.

    Need the function to determine your process id.

    Open Google, enter "intersystems determine process id...

    Comment to the post "Feature Map and Master Index gone from 2016 version" by Kenneth Poindexter, 27 April 2016