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  • Question: Filtering a Filter

    Dashboards DeepSee Language Undefined What would be the easiest or best way to filter the options presented by a filter control? For example, suppose that I create a query using HoleFoods that uses a named filter to filter the product categories according ...

    Post by David.E Nelson 2 June 2016

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    %SYS.System.GetNodeName() looks like the replacement for that $zu function.

    Correction - %SYS.System.GetNodeName() is the replacement for $zu(110) which you were using in the initial version of this post.  The replacement for $zu(67,12)...

    Comment to the post "How to get workstation name of current connection in SQL from Caché" by Peter Everett, 31 May 2016

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    I looked at the code and StatsStarted returns 1 if InitStats has been called within the current business service. So it is more than statistics being enabled for that config item.


    I will get someone to look at the sample code.

    Comment to the post "Activity Monitor in Ensemble 2016.1" by David Loveluck, 15 January 2016

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    We are using Hashtags to load the templates.   Thats the URL for example: www(.)mypage.com/myzenapp/mojoclass.cls#Login?r=Dashboard or www(.)mypage.com/myzenapp/mojoclass.cls#Dashboard or www(.)mypage.com/myzenapp/mojoclass.cls   Our custom-script ...

    Answer to the post "Resfresh page with ZENMojo and Bootstrap" by Jochen Roese, 2 June 2016

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    Thanks for the quick response, Dave.

    I'm basically messing around with collecting custom stats. I was trying to use the example in the "Writing Custom Code to Record Activity" section in my own code, but it seemed like StatsStarted() wasn't...

    Comment to the post "Activity Monitor in Ensemble 2016.1" by James Fitzpatrick, 15 January 2016

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    Stefan, I changed my code and it worked, I used the HTML5 sessionStorage, but the value of my Stash variables in the template page deleted when I do refresh.

    How do I keep the value in my stash variables?




    Comment to the post "Resfresh page with ZENMojo and Bootstrap" by Alexandre Marques, 16 May 2016

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    Yes, sorry I missed that in the release notes and I will add that now. I had hoped for the "redesigned HTML email" feature to make it in but the timing wasn't right so we settled for just taking the existing template to HTML. We have some changes...

    Comment to the post "Developer Community - May 30th Release Notes" by Paul Gomez, 31 May 2016

  • Question: Keyboard shortcuts - export / import

    Atelier Language Undefined This is more of an eclipse thing, but I couldn't really find an answer when I searched.  I created a new workspace, but I had updated my keyboard shortcuts in the first workspace and now I'm trying to import the ...

    Post by James Bourette 2 June 2016

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    Thanks again Timothy, this was exactly what I was looking for!

    Comment to the post "How to save changes in DataGrid" by Marco Blom, 2 April 2016

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    I think you're probably looking for the maxRows attribute of jsonSQLProvider, which defaults to 100 (hence 5 pages with page size 20, in the example) - try something like:


    Comment to the post "How to save changes in DataGrid" by Timothy Leavitt, 2 April 2016