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    A couple of questions, in order to better understand what to recommend:

    1. Is the Caché instance where you're running the script an ECP client of the remote Caché instance?
    2. I can't quite parse "on just one server for all...

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  • Question: Accessing table across all namespace

    Databases, Caché Language Undefined We have multiple server and multiple namespace.    I have a script having sql query  which fetch data from current  namespace of a server.  If I want to run the same query on different server to fetch data, but I want ...

    Post by Confused Developer 22 May 2017

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    Part of testing with populated data is performance testing. If your data populating utilities can't give a high enough throughput, you can't really test your application under load.
    And generating meaningfully big sets of data requires a...

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    Please try with

    Appointments. Getid(1).careprovider 

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    Hi, John!

    It is and you are invited.

    Welcome to the club!

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    If you want a proof-of-concept or a showcase, then this link shows how the class package hierarchy is followed.

    You can disable the use of .txt using two ways: 

    1 -...

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    If you need a quick intro on how to use Websockets with Caché directly:

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    Hi, Stephen!

    You are invited!

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    Hi, Rubens!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    I like to see UDL code in sources and folder=package structure for the source code.

    Few ideas:

    Why not save code without txt extention? Cls would go with .cls, include files with .inc...

    Comment to the post "Port: A VCS-agnostic and project based Studio source control tool - Basic Usage" by Evgeny Shvarov, 22 May 2017

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    If still available I'd like to join.

    Many thanks!

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