Norbert Rios · Jun 17, 2020

uninstall IRISHealth-2020. from Mac OS

Is there a uninstall script that will completely remove the IRISHealth-2020.1 from Mac OS? I basically want to uninstalling the software and reinstalling.

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Hi Norbert!

This is not the advice on how to uninstall or reinstall, sorry.  I'm on Mac and my advice not to install IRIS but use docker images for Development in IRIS. With this approach, you can use any version of IRIS with your code just changing the line of the image.

There are zillion examples and templates on Open Exchange, but you could start with this one., probably the simplest.

Hi Norbert,

Per the Unix installation docs you can delete the instance by stopping it, using "ccontrol delete", and then deleting the install directory.

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