Clayton Barbier · Apr 2, 2021

Health Connect Architecture Question


Is it correct that HealthShare Health Connect release 15.03 and prior use Ensemble and Cache at its core and releases beginning with 2019.1 and more recent leverage IRIS in place of Ensemble and Cache? 

Are there any other components that come with Health Connect than just Ensemble and Cache or IRIS? Trying to understand the benefit of going with Health Connect rather than just with the core platform(s).

Thank you in advance for your help!


Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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Hello Clayton,

This sounds like a great conversation to have with your InterSystems sales rep, if you have one. Otherwise, I'd recommend making an inquiry with InterSystems so they can discuss what product fits your needs best. As a slight correction, HS Core 15.032 is also Ensemble-based.

Health Connect comes with some additional health-related code packages with built-in HL7/FHIR support.

You might also consider IRIS for Health which is similarly aimed towards healthcare usage as an application platform.

Hope that helps get you started, but InterSystems would be happy to talk over the options with you.

HealthConnect is going to have your Health protocols, for example Hl7v2 that will not be in regular IRIS.