Fail to create new DB

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I try to create a new IRIS DB but fail in SMP but also from terminal.

I always get Directory doesn't exist. But it is there and accessible.


 1) Create a database
 2) Edit a database
 3) List databases
 4) Delete a database
 5) Mount a database
 6) Dismount a database
 7) Compact globals in a database
 8) Show free space for a database
 9) Show details for a database
10) Recreate a database
11) Manage database encryption
12) Return unused space for a database
13) Compact free space in a database
14) Defragment a database
15) Show background database tasks

Option? 1
Database directory? \\\zz\
Directory does not exist, create it? No => y

Unable to create directory \\\zz\
Database directory

It works with classic Drive:\<directory>\
But I found no way to use an UNC_Path


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The access to the remote server happens in Windows  from CACHÉ / IRIS service.
The service typically starts with the SYSTEM default account.

  • Check normal access (explorer) as a user with enough Windows privileges
  • Change the related service to run as this user with access rights to the remote directory on the file server.
  • restart the service (from cube)

The message as such is correct. Though it doesn't tell you the reason. 

You are right.
The service started as user SYSTEM.

Well. Fiddling inWin Services is not my preferred action.
I got it in the end and it worked.