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· Jan 31

Developer preview #2 for InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2024.1

InterSystems announces its second preview, as part of the developer preview program for the 2024.1 release.  This release will include InterSystems IRIS®,  InterSystems IRIS® for HealthTM, and HealthShare® Health Connect.


Many updates and enhancements have been added in 2024.1 and there are also brand-new capabilities, such as Using vectors in ObjectScript,  Vector Search (experimental), Multi-Volume Database, the ability to use Fast Online Backup (experimental), and the introduction of Multiple Super Server Ports. Many other improvements are also in this release, such as the Flexible Python Runtime, support to Smart on FHIR 2.0.0, and much more.

👉 NOTE: Some of these features or improvements may not be available in this current developer preview.

Another important topic is the removal of the Private Web Server (PWS) from the Health Connect installers.  The  Private Web Server is already removed from the InterSystems IRIS installers since the 2023.2 release. See this note in the documentation.

Future preview releases are expected to be updated biweekly and we will add features as they are ready. Please share your feedback through the Developer Community so we can build a better product together.

Initial documentation can be found at these links below. They will be updated over the next few weeks until launch is officially announced (General Availability - GA):

Early Access Programs (EAPs)

There are many EAPs available now. Check out to this page and register to those you are interested.

    Availability and Package Information

    This release comes with classic installation packages for all supported platforms, as well as container images in Docker container format.  For a complete list, refer to the Supported Platforms document.

    Installation packages and preview keys are available from the WRC's preview download site or through the evaluation services website (use the flag "Show Preview Software" to get access to the 2024.1).

    The build number for this developer preview is 2024.1.0L.223.0.

    Container images  are available from the InterSystems Container Registry. Containers are tagged as 2024.1-preview.

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    Yes, customers can use this version, when it's tagged as GA (Generally Available), which denotes the end of the previews and starts a stable maintenance release. GA is planned for mid-March.

    Before any migrations, try the new Upgrade Impact Checklist:

    2024.1 will be available there after GA.

    Yes! We have a recently updated video on managing database size that includes information on configuring multi-volume databases, and another video in the works about the new vector search capabilities.

    We also have a video series on migrating off the PWS, as well as a podcast episode discussing this topic with Andreas Dieckow