Cache / Ensemble / Zen / Deep See Consultant - Till end of summer

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Till the end of this summer, I have few hours per day that I can spare. I am keen to invest those hours by being part of a good project as a Technical Consultant  where I can extend my expertise and connect with fellow colleagues of the community.

I have been associated with Intersytems technologies including Cache, Ensemble, Zen, DeepSee for almost a decade and have a good understanding of the same.  It was by chance that I ventured into these technologies. Initially I had been working with Sun Microsystems as an Integration Consultant for few years and that's why switching to Ensemble / Cache wasn't tough as they are an integration tool too. Training sessions at Boston also have definitely helped me make the switch.

My experience has revolved around being a Technical Lead & Consultant for organisations that are into Healthcare, Finance, Trading, Banking, Logistics & E-commerce industries. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world working with esteemed organisations and gaining insight from each project that I been part of. My journey also includes quiet a bit of awards, training's & certifications that I am proud of.

Pls feel free to drop me an email at  or ping me on whatsapp ( Provided on request)