Bug in DC searching members [fixed 2017-08-24] - broken again

Caché, DC Feedback

When I go to search Austrian members I call

and enter .at as filter for email. Result = OK.


but the resultset is lager than the space in display and I get this box at bottom

clicking to any of the boxes takes a while (e.g "2") and brings me (here) page 2 of ALL members.
Which wasn't  the intention.

Some analysis of the page shows me that after refresh all boxes are  anchors but just with the page number.
The original filter is lost:


 The marked href doesn't change whatever filter you apply.

OK. Its a bug:  Forwarding the actual filter to the continuation page is missed . 

I tried to guess and append various URL parameters but I failed. Lack of fantasy.
Until the bug is fixed I'd see no problem to append the filter manually. I just need the name.
Eventually someone has a valid hint.