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Alexi Demetriou · Jul 13, 2017
EmergencyId startup

Hello, I am writing to request assistance on an issue I appear to be having when accessing Ensemble. I have it running on a Windows virtual machine, on a Mac laptop, and am trying to access it through the emergency ID account. When starting Ensemble through the command line window using ccontrol start ENSEMBLE /Em... I get an error and Ensemble does not start. Below is the error message I am getting when checking the logs:

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wx fg · Jul 10, 2017
How to encrypt column value in sql?


I want to update some columns in one table like this:

    update table1 set col1=%SYSTEM.Encryption_AESCBCEncrypt(col1, 'key')

but the error is

ERROR #5540: SQLCODE: -359 Message: User defined SQL Function '%SYSTEM.ENCRYPTION_AESCBCENCRYPT' does not exist

what's the corect syntax? Thanks!

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InterSystems' iKnow technology allows you to identify the concepts in natural language texts and the relations that link them together. As that's still a fairly abstract definition, we produced this video to explain what that means in more detail. But when meeting with customers, what really counts is a compelling demonstration, on data that makes sense to them, so they understand the value in identifying these concepts over classic top-down approaches. That's why it's probably worth spending a few articles on some of the demo apps and tools we've built to work with iKnow.

In the first article in this series, we'll start with the Knowledge Portal, a simple query interface to explore the contents of your domain.

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I have a situation where I write a character stream to a file. The file content gets signed and the signature is sent to a service provider together with the file content.

The signing is done using openssl.

This works perfectly on a dev PC, which is runnning Windows and has a little-endian architecture.

The problem is as soon as I do this on the server, which has a big-endian architecture, the signed value is incorrect according to the service provider.

The content is signed using RSA SHA256 with PSS padding.

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If given a global, how can I discover information on that global? More specifically, how can I discover how many indices it contains? ie: ^G(1,2,3,4,5) How can I discover that there are 5 subscripts within the Global ^G if I did not already know.

Please advise, and thanks in advance for everyone's time.

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Murillo Braga · Jul 17, 2017
Purge for "IO Log Input Data"

Hello mates,

When turning on the “Archive IO” option within the business operations, it provides us the capability of seeing the input and output communication with external systems. For instance, watching the messages sent out + ACK message sent back .

Our production has got a scheduled task that runs daily (by default I guess, as many others) and is in charge of purging “Errors and log files”. And this is likely to be linked to the “Archive IO” feature, right?

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Hi everyone

Is there any way to change a class definition (especifically a query definition during the compilation time)?
The idea is:
I have an abstract class with a parameter where I will define the ROWSPEC of a query and some methods to populate e temporary table
The implementation class will override the parameter, specifying the ROWSPEC of this implementation, and the methods will populate the rows in the same format as the ROWSPEC.

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CM Wang · Jul 16, 2017
How to index a class


I have two persistent classes defined. Lets call it Parent and Child.

Child class is one of the property of Parent Class.

I would like to define a index on Child class.

So what is the default behaviour I defined a index on a non simple data type member?

Any possibility that I could customized the behaviour ? For example. Child class has three properties.

Could I configure the index to index any combinations of these three properties?

Thanks for your help.

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I'm trying to recreate a smaller copy of our DEV machine on a sandbox instance. I installed a new instance, and thought it would be a good idea to copy over a few cache.dat files from the critical namespaces (but not all of them), and start from there.

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Hi all,

We faced a problem where we would like to map a $lb object to its corresponding data model structure in order to later on export it as JSON.

So imagin that we have something like this that actually maps to a persistent table with its structure.


Is there a way to transform this $lb (without the need of openig the object itself) to a JSON object with the proper table fields as properties?

Many thanks

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Tom McDevitt · Jul 13, 2017
RuleSet with a Dynamic Target

I wanted to know if there was a way to dynamic set a target in the rule send command. I have a assign property that uses the lookup table that I wanted return the name of the target value and then set the target to that property . When I set the target= _@tDestination there is a parser error.

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I set up cache in container, which is working fine. But when accessing managment portal the default user was alway Unknown user and no username or password were required. So i disabled the Unknow user in the Security section, but now i keep getting an error access denid.

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Russell Knight · Jul 12, 2017
Database Wildcards


How do I organize a wildcard search with respect to a database search?

Example of what I am trying to do: s x=$o(^G("ABC","A*",x))

Trying to navigate through the ^G global for all occurrences of "ABC", and "A*" ("A"+wildcard) but I am new to M and don't know positively how to do this. Perhaps I don't use an "*" at all, rather; another convention altogether.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance for everyone's assistance.

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Hi, Community!

And so I continue with publishing of the tasks for the Final round of InterSystems Contest on InterSystems Caché and DeepSee as a part of IT Planet Student Championship in Sochi. This year we had about 2 000 participants in InterSystems Contest.

One of the tasks for the finals was to crack the black box and another to output 9876543210!

Here's the next task: gravity!

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Hopefully a simple question.

Using the Rule Editor, I can open a routing rule and easily define an 'effectiveBegin' and 'effectiveEnd' date. I want to utilize this date feature for a "sub-rule" (i.e. rule #1) but not the entire routing rule therefore impacting all other rules. I also do not want to split and create a brand new routine rule just to send the message to the target business process. It would be ideal to keep it contained within this single routing class that was created.

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