We are trying  to feed in HTTP request & get HTTP Response in ensemble production.

From the below link  we got the code for HTTP Request/Response Example. while executing the code we are getting following error: "ERROR <Ens>ErrFailureTimeout: FailureTimeout of 30 seconds exceeded in Test.HTTP.Operation; status from last attempt was ERROR #5922: Timed out waiting for response​"

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or "Things are going to break"

We left our application over the weekend, secure in the knowledge that it was returning data from our primary persistent class, User.Widget.  However, Widgets Direct are the premier supplier of both Widgets AND Widget Accessories, so we should really start working on adding these Accessories to our application. 

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Javier Gonzalez · Jun 1, 2017
Casting JSON

I'm doing a REST service. A method has as body parameter a JSON corresponding to a class A.

In my production I have class A so that I retrieve the parameters using a dynamic object, such that:

Set body = ##class(%DynamicObject).%FromJSON(%request.Content)
Set myObjectA = ##class(A).%New()
Set myObjectA.Id = body.Id
Set myObjectA.Name = body.Name
Set myObjectA.Date = body.Date
Set myObjectA.Salary = body.Salary

I would like to know if I can avoid doing the manual mapping, doing a casting, since I am sure that FromJSON will return a class A. Something like this:

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I'm aware of two ways to get list of files in a dir:

set dir = "C:\temp\"
set rs = ##class(%File).FileSetFunc(dir, , , 1)
do rs.%Display()


set dir = "C:\temp\"
set file=$ZSEARCH(dir_"*")
while file'="" {
   write !,file
   set file=$ZSEARCH("")

Yet they bot return only files and directories in a current directory, but not files in subdirectories.

I suppose I call one of these recursively, but maybe there's a better solution?

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Jiri Svoboda · Jun 1, 2017
ZW in other stack frames


is it possible to ZW variables in stack frames above the current one? I am calling a custom logging method, and would like to log variables from the point of call.



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Steve Pisani · May 25, 2017
Atelier and Inspector


Cache Studio's inspector window can show me a Cache class's properties,methods parameters, XDATA blocks, Triggers, Foreign Keys, Queries and more, in a table in the Inspector window. Additionally, for properties, where the property accepts parameters, these parameters are listed together with possible value choices.

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Is there any methods/ways through which will get to know whether any of the Unit Test cases is/are failing in the Terminal with status as either 0 or False in case of Failure & 1 or Ture in case of Test Passes (we are getting an url of the csp page with the report which has the passed failed status) as we need to send this failure status to Jenkins for the Build to Fail (where in we have acheived this part in making the build failure/success based on  harcoded boolean)

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Hi everyone,

i have a problem with the "ExecuteUpdateParmArray()" methode from the "EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter" adaptater when i try to update a sql server 2008 table with JDBC connection.


return to me the following error:

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Shanmuga rajan · Sep 23, 2016
Cache class definition

i got an unspecified character in my try-cache i do sample class definition using stream collection what is my defect plz reply me as soon as possible

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